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– Suports in treatment of arthritis.

– Helps prevent age – related onset of joint pain.

– Helps in reducing inflammation and pain of joints & muscles.

– Helps in improving the strength of muscles & ligaments.

-1 bottle contains 60 tablets.

-1 tablet morning after breakfast and 1 tablet after dinner.

-Take this with warm water or milk.

100% Ayurvedic with No side effects.

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Properties of Herbs of Orthopian Tablet help in the following ways;

RASANA (VENDA ROXBURGHII): Rasna is an important medicinal plant which is widely used in indigenous system of medicine (Ayurveda) for rheumatism and allied disorders, diseases of the abdomen, dyspepsia, bronchitis and inflammations. The decoction of the plant has been used traditionally in arthritis. The leaves are aperient and used as a laxative, analgesic and atypyretic.

SHUDDHA GUGGUL (Commiphora Mukul): Commiphora mukul gum resin is used in treatment of rheumatism, neurological disorders, obesity and related disorders, hypothyroidism, scrofula, syphilis, skin and urinary disorders.

NIRGUNDI (VITEX NIRGUNDO): Leaves or whole plant of Nirgundi either Nirgundi Tailya or the extract of the leaves or the whole plant is considered to be very effective as pain killer in joint pain and arthritis.

SHALLAKI (BOSWELLIA SERRATA): Shallaki, a disease modifying agent, is beneficial in chronic inflammatory conditions. Commonly known as salai guggul, shallaki reduces joint pain and swelling and increases mobility. It is absolutely safe in long term therapy and does not show any gastrointestinal side effects.

ASHWAGANDHA (WITHANIA SOMNIFERA): Ashwgandha is a sedative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and generally respected for increasing energy, endurance, and acts as an-adaptogen that exerts a strong immunostimulatory and an-anti-stress agent.

BALA (SIDA CORDIFOLIA): It is used to increase strength of body. Bala is an ancient Ayurvedic herb, used widely in a variety of Ayurvedic medicines and oils to improve strength of bones, muscles and joints.

GOKHARU (PEDELIUM MUREX): It used in Ayurveda, for treatment of calculi, spermatorrhoea, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, inflammation, ulcers, fever and other disorders of genitourinary system. It has significant diuretic properties due to which it increases flow of urine and hence used in urinary, kidney stones and dropsy. The decoction of the fruits is used as demulcent, diuretic, antispasmodic and aphrodisiac.

ERANDBEEJ (RICINUS COMMUNIS): One of the abilities of Ricinus communis is to treat body inflammation. In this case, it will be valuable to treat arthritis which related to the inflammation. Moreover, the oil of Ricinus communis is also good to relieve other kinds of inflammation such as muscle aches and back ache as well.

PUNARNAVA (BOERHAAVIA DIFFUSA): Punarnava herb provides relief from joint pains and inflammation related with arthritis. Just use the paste made of fresh herb by grinding and applying directly on the affected area.

Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume herbal products under the advice of healthcare practitioner.


  1. vishal

    Improve your bones by taking this table,really improve deficieney which require bones.

  2. vanshika gautam

    Healthy Joints by orthopian has improved my strength and given more mobility to my joints. it is super amazing and so good for health.

  3. Radhika Gautam

    Really happy I bought this. like it very much.

  4. Geeta sharma

    I have more energy every since I stared taking Healthly Joint tablets, my knee pain is also much less thanks to the orthopian in the tablet.

  5. shanti gupta

    It take 2 tablets every day as advised by my dietician and my pain has reduced a lot. othering healthy Joints has made a huge difference in my life.

  6. Geeta singh

    I take otherpian healthy Joint every morning and evening. I feel like my knee pain and shoulder has gone down after taking this.

  7. Anshika soni

    This is very good for health and is pached with. befits Healthy joints has made a huge difference in my life.

  8. shanaya

    100% recomendation from me.

  9. kapil sharma

    I would recommend this tablets to everyone. It is hard to believe that such an affordable and amazzing product is available in india.

  10. Rohan biswas

    Only trust orthopian and I love all their products most reliable in the market.

  11. Rohan biswas

    Only trust orthopian and I love all their products most reliable in the market.

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